Too Many Veterans Aren’t Being Treated by the VA


Despite the promises that the VA will improve, I’ve seen too many veterans who spiraled into inpatient treatment facilities to be able to get any treatment. Let me tell you, they are not getting the best treatment.

At the point when you must be placed inpatient at the facilities I’ve worked, you have been committed. You have been deemed a threat to yourself and/ or others. This becomes part of your record.

Do NOT hesitate to get treatment because of cost. Call me to let me know of your circumstances.

In many cases, this could have been avoided by just getting help on a regular basis.

When you are placed inpatient, your main treatment is medication basis. Regular facilities are not geared for war veterans or victims of mass shootings.  Learning coping strategies for PTSD is very limited and  Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing is not even a thought.


One on one therapies are rare and very time limited. Group therapy is highly dysfunctional due to the range of the ability to function of the individual.

If it is not a fancy, well respected facility, you will be intermingled with patients with active delusions and may be disruptive to group activities.

Medication therapy is not a bad method. However, all medications need to be monitored and adjusted as your tolerance level increases.

If medication is needed, counseling is also needed.


Counseling will:

  • Build Coping Skills ~ Crises happen when your current coping method is no longer working. Counseling helps build better coping skills that work for you. Not all coping methods work for all people. It’s a trial and error process. Just like the medication.


  • Identifying Survivors Guilt~ People have no idea how traumatic it is to say to others, “I survived, sorry your … didn’t.” To a person who made it out, many can’t even verbalize this thought. The guilt is too pronounced.


  • Talk therapy~ Verbalizing their true feelings without BS’ing to lessen the impact to nonmilitary friends and family members. Many Vets simply shut down because they cannot express what’s truly going on in their heads.



However, all methods for counseling will be used and are needed.

Do NOT hesitate to get treatment because of cost. Call me to let me know of your circumstances.

Do NOT wait until hospitalization is your only choice.

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