April Lendoiro, RCSW, MSW

Relationship Strategist

Marriage Counselor

Ordained Minister



April Lendoiro is a Relationship Strategist who helps both couples and individuals  create passion in their day-to-day lives and relationships.


She specializes in

building mindfulness, self esteem, compassion, and a strong foundation where you'll never worry that your partner has your back. 

And all the while,

Reducing anxiety, depression, frustration & resentment.

She has a psychology background from University of Central Florida and  the University of Southern California.  April has helped individuals and couples from diverse backgrounds pull back from the brink of divorce and instead reconnect and create a happy, loving, successful future.

FAQ's  -  Stats and Success Rates  -  Tips for a Thriving, Happy Marriage  Common Myths -  How to Get the Most Out of Your Session  -  Couples Counseling Techniques and Methods  -  What to Expect?

Inspired by her current successful marriage of 16 years, she has developed a series of effective relationship techniques based on personal responsibility, mutual respect, love, and intimacy. But before that could happen, she first had to transform her own mindset following her personal painful experiences with divorce.

Because of what she has learned in her own life, April has a driving passion for helping others take  troubled lives and relationships and reignite the passion and love they once had while avoiding many of the common pitfalls and mistakes that restless minds make.

License No. and State: ISW11062 Florida

 Supervisor Name: Rachel Haskell

  Supervisor License: SW6353 Florida

Trusted By:

Project Building Blocks

Orlando, Florida 32826


Call NOW: 1-800-457-0233
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