Working Together For

A Better Tomorrow 

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM - EAP is a confidential service that employers provide for their employees. An EAP is designed to identify and assist employees in resolving personal problems that may adversely affect their performance at work


A more affordable option ond employers and employees. 

A better way to build a strong and happy workforce.

Proactive approach to mental wellness.

An EAP helps employers because it makes for happier employees. 

Let us help you increase your ROI 600% by investing in your people. 

Research shows coaching resulted in ROI almost 600%; and improvement in relationships; teamwork; job satisfaction; and work quality.

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It helps employees deal with stress so it doesn't carry over into the workplace. Reduces burnout and turnover. And increases productivity. 

Mental Health Issues: depression, anxiety, stress and anger management.

Workplace Conflict: suggestions on how to work with difficult co-workers or management.

Family Issues: marriage counseling, divorce issues, struggles with children, lost of loved one.

Gaining Life Work Balance; Career Counseling; Improved Relationships


We offer convenient coaching and counseling services to your employees at a confidential place employees can go with their personal problems. 

We help create a culture of meaningful communication, strong leadership and teamwork, by maximizing potential. This can lead to higher job satisfaction, higher commitment and increase production. 

We work with you to incorporate mental health component to your organization to decrease stress and burnout. 

We offer services to your and your employees at your convenience. That includes being accessible via phone and online, offering evening and weekend appointment.

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