6 Great Ways To Find The Best Therapist

Ready to find a new therapist, but not sure what to do?

1. Ask friends or family


My opinion is to first ask those that you are closest with. Going to a new counselor can be a scary experience. Those we are closest to have usually have a similar feel for people that they are around. If they like or even don’t like their therapist, ask why. People typically like people that are like them. People who share similar values and opinions.


If they do like their therapist, ask what is it about them that makes them feel safe and secure? What is there that makes their therapist special? Ask what their session is like. You don’t have to be obtrusive and ask what they discuss, just what you should expect during a session.


2. Google “Find a therapist near me”


The ideal therapist may be close to you. Most therapist have, at the minimum, a free consultation. This gives you a chance to get a feel for this person. Be prepared with questions. What are you looking for?

3.  Use The Psychology Today's Therapist Directory

The directory allows you to search by different criteria. Do you want a specific gender? One that specializes in ADHD?

A picture tells a story. Take a look at therapists' pictures on Psychology Today's Therapist Directory. You know what makes you uneasy. Red lights for me: Therapists who use glamour shots or whose portraits seem in any way seductive. If you have any doubt about a therapist based on photos, listen to your intuition. See if you can find someone who you could easily sit across from. You want to look at the therapist without feeling any concern or apprehension.


4.  Read Reviews

Finding a good therapist that you feel happy with is harder than finding a good mechanic. You’ll want to start with one that you can stay with and feel supported. There’s nothing worse than starting therapy only to find out you can’t stand this person and have to begin again with someone else. By reading what others think, both good and bad, you will have a better perspective.

Unfortunately, reviews for therapists can be few and far between. It’s not quite the same as finding a good burger. Many that visit therapist don’t want their others knowing so they will forgo writing reviews.


5. Ask Your Physician


Your physician has undoubtedly heard stories about different therapists in your area. Let him know what you are looking for. What issues are bothering you?


6. Try Your Insurance Carrier


The pro is your insurance may have a low copay or you may be allowed to use what you pay for therapy as meeting your deductible. Ask your insurance carrier what the policy is on your coverage.


The con is that you will probably be limited in the amount of sessions you can go.

Find a Therapist near me?

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