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What do I do if my spouse will not attend marriage counseling?


You will still benefit from attending counseling sessions on your own. The counseling sessions will help you change the way you react and respond to your spouse, which can only strengthen the relationship. In many cases, spouses may decide to join the counseling later.

  • What is emotionally focused therapy (EFT), the Gottman Theory, etc?

These are techniques that counselors are trained in to help you to uncover the patterns that are hurting your communication with your spouse and uncover the root of the issues that are causing conflict so that you can develop solutions to help you move forward. You can learn more about each counseling technique and method here.

  • What if we are already considering divorce? 

You should both agree to hold off on any legal separation or divorce until you have attended a minimum of eight to ten counseling sessions. People who enter marriage counseling see improvement in their relationship over a period of time. Some weeks will be great, and some not as good. It is critical that you give it the time it needs to have an effect.

  • My spouse tends to dominate conversations and talk over me. Will my you ever get to hear my side of things? ​

I am educated and trained in the art of listening, mediating, clarifying, and becoming an active participant in the counseling sessions. In many cases, one spouse is more verbal than the other. A good counselor will interrupt when necessary to be sure that both parties have an equal voice.

FAQ's  -  Stats and Success Rates  -  Tips for a Thriving, Happy Marriage  Common Myths -  How to Get the Most Out of Your Session  -  Couples Counseling Techniques and Methods  -  What to Expect?  -  How to Get Your Spouse to Join Couples Counseling

  • ​​How Long Is Will It Take to Fix Your Marriage? 


That really comes down to what the problem is and your commitment to making it work. That is not a broad answer, but someone coming in wanting to learn to communicate better will be a lot shorter than a couple coming in for infidelity issues. My goal is in helping you acquire the skills you need to thrive as a couple so that my job becomes obsolete.  Most happy couples who have graduated from therapy have done so around 20-ish sessions, but therapy is not a "one size fits all" approach, it comes down to what the problem is and your commitment.

  •   How Often Will I Meet With You?


I like to meet with couples once a week for the first 5 sessions. After the initial adjustment period, we can then meet every other week. This gives you plenty of time to work on learning objectives between sessions and is more cost effective.  Now that you are wondering about cost, therapy sessions are $125.00/60 min. M-F 8 am-5 pm

 Beginning Saturday February 29, We Will Be Open on Weekends & Evenings. To celebrate, we will lock in your introductory rate at $95/session!

New Clients beginning after March 16, 2020 will be charged our standard, premium rate of $150.00/session.

  • Is there an online option?


Yes, it's called coaching. Couples LOVE the online Coaching option.  You get to relax in the comfort of your own home, pet your cat, and I get to sit and relax in my home office.   Online coaching frees you from the stress of finding childcare, fighting traffic.  


  • What Kind of Therapist Are You?

I am very hands on and directive in my practice.  You can expect to do some talking to me but my goal is for you to talk more to your partner than to me.  I have a goal to teach with each session and to leave you with learning objectives to practice between sessions.  I am also pretty forward and believe that you came to therapy to get a shake up in your current cycle.  I call it as I see it but always do so with love and respect.


  •  Are You Going to Tell Us to Divorce?

No, you know yourself and your desires & beliefs better than me.  


I am committed to your overall health and wellness as well as the children that you may have in your life.  If your goal is to transform your relationship for better, I will help you do that.  If your goal is to split on good terms and with a friendship still intact, I will help you do that.  You identify where you want to go, I will guide you to the destination.  

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