4 Common Myths About Couples Counseling


Myth #1 A stranger won’t be able to help us with our issues. Marriage counselors & coaches & strategists and family therapists are trained to stay objective and unbiased. The fact that they didn’t know you personally before you started counseling is exactly why they can be so helpful.

Myth #2 My counselor will see my side of things. A good counselor will remain neutral and not take any one individual’s side. In fact, both spouses should be able to leave all the sessions knowing that their issues were heard and understood, and that no judgments are being made.

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Myth #3 Marriage counseling takes an exceptionally long time. The fact of the matter is that most couples only require short-term therapy, usually consisting of eight to twenty sessions, to develop solutions to their current issues. Some counseling may take one year or more, but that happens less frequently.

Myth #4 People will know we are seeing a therapist. This common misunderstanding is extremely far from the truth. Therapists and counselors must always maintain your confidentiality. The only people who will know you are seeking counseling are those whom you tell.

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