Tips for Nurturing a Healthy Relationship

Need a boost of intimacy or a little nurturing in your relationship? One of these tips could be all your relationship needs to get back on track.


  • Schedule date nights. Whether you’re pursuing education, working long hours at a stressful job, or raising a family, setting aside alone time with your spouse is a critical component to a marriage that is happy and healthy.

  • Dedicated alone time with your spouse is one of the most important marriage advice tips. For couples with careers who have trouble finding the time to schedule dedicated time for each other may find a marriage counseling marriage retreat to be the best option.

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  • Don’t forget physical intimacy. Physical intimacy is important, and it’s extremely easy for busy couples let that slip. Whether it’s spontaneous or planned, you need to give your physical relationship with your spouse priority without making it a chore.

  • The little things count. Whether you stick a love note on the bathroom mirror or buy her those earrings she’s been wanting, you should remember to include selfless, loving gestures toward your spouse into your weekly routine.

  • Define family rules. Couples usually spend the first five to ten years of the marriage butting heads over how the family structure should operate, and these little squabbles can escalate into hard feelings over time. Set aside specific times to discuss how you both want the family to run, and keep it separate from your date nights.

  • Seek input from those you trust. There is a growing phenomenon in gray divorces, where older couples are calling it quits. This may be a by-product of earlier times when personal problems stayed within the home’s four walls. Whether you seek marriage counseling for the big issues or talk to a trusted friend about the little things, opening up about your relationship with your spouse will usually make your marriage stronger.

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