April Lendoiro, LCSW & Relationship Strategist

What Does Couples Counseling Look Like?

Every couples counseling program will begin with an initial intake where I'll ask some basic information from the both of you. Be prepared to answer simple questions, such as “why are you here?”


Easy question, right? But it might be difficult to answer if your marriage has been in distress for a while. The average couple experiences marital problems for six to eight years before seeking therapy, which makes it much harder to really define what the problem is. Little things have probably become big obstacles.


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After the initial session, I may ask to speak to each one of you one-on-one, whether you’re together or alone. The initial session may be uncomfortable for both of you so I may need this time to get to know how each of you view the problem without fear.


I will then review all the notes from the session or sessions before you meet again, and she will start to define what type of counseling method will work best for your situation.

Depending on the severity of the problems you are experiencing, I may recommend just a handful of sessions to get you back on track. It’s also possible that the counseling may consist of weekly sessions that last six months or more.


Until we have really got a handle on the scope of what needs to be done, it’s impossible to determine how long the counseling will take.

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