Company Counseling Services

Does your business have high turnover?

Does your employees lack motivation?

Do you know your employee mental wellbeing directly IMPACTS  your bottom line?

Let us help you INCREASE  your ROI 600% by investing in your people


Who we are:

We have background in mental health counseling, life coaching, human resources, and nonprofit management.

We see thinkers and leaders, new ideas and solutions. Let us help you take your company to the NEXT level.


What we do:

We can help create a culture of meaningful communication, strong leadership and teamwork, by maximizing potential. This can lead to higher job satisfaction, higher commitment and increase production.

We evaluate the work environment. We provide an analysis of environmental factors and its impact on employee motivation and performance, and recommendations to improve them.

We show you how incorporating internal and external factors to IMPROVE motivation will increase job satisfaction and performance.

We work with you to incorporate mental health component to your organization to decrease stress and burnout.

We offer coaching and counseling services to you and your employees at your convenience. That includes being accessible via phone, skype, or email. We can even arrange days at your office.


Why we do it:

Did you know low motivation and job satisfaction COST companies over $40 billion a year due to absenteeism and turnover. Stress also contributes to poor performance and burnout.

The Economic times reported coaching resulted in ROI almost 600%. Additionally, the research showed

77% improvement in relationships

67% improvement in teamwork 

61% improvement in job satisfaction

And 48% improvement in work quality

Happy Employee = Successful Company


*Rates are based on the number of employees, email for details

Project Building Blocks

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