Reduce stress and improve your overall well being simply by giving or random acts of kindness. We believe in a creating a foundation for positive change, by valuing human and animal rights, the environment, and freedom of choice.

Avoid Burnout

The fight for justice and equality demands the strength and courage of individuals willing to place their hearts and bodies on the front line. This is what we admire about the activists in our communities-past and present.


However, the costs of being on the front line often amount to extensive trauma exposure that leave us vulnerable to depression, anxiety, PTSD, and more. Suicides among activist have become more common. It is important to prioritize our mental health while staying WOKE.

Let us help you to develop a plan for self care before it's too late!

Our Community


Supporting human and animal rights. Making the world a better place one tee at a time. Proceeds will go to different charities we support.

Project Building Blocks

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